Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Moving On: Coda; And My New Blog

Last post I mentioned that I did not want to share my new life here on this blog for Blue. But I kind of got hooked on this blogging thing, plus I would like to be funnier and talk about stuff that is not focused on baby loss. I hope you will join me on my new blog about being a lawyer and a mommy and about becoming both of these things at the same time. I hope to weave in episodes from the past that I wanted to blog about before I had a blog, while including ample attempts at humor. Hey, I said attempts. Don't blame me if you don't actually laugh. I am something like the 141st lawyer/mommy/blogger, so here is my new blogspot URL: If I have 7 followers there I will know you joined me.

Since I'm here for a moment...I have gone a day or two now where I don't think about Blue. And when I don't think about Blue, I am not sad about Blue. And that seems very strange and I am starting to wonder if it was so easy to replace him after all? Which I think I am saying just to be mean to myself. But my second Christmas-without-Blue was a lot more like simply my-first-Christmas-with-Sprout than I thought it would be.