Glossary of Terms

AFF: attentive friend of a friend. Sends texts daily, calls when he says he will call, plans stuff for us to do and actually executes the plans. (All things that SS could never do/never was, even when specifically asked.) Cross-reference Mr. E.

Blue: the nickname I gave to my little boy, for somewhat obvious reasons. His dad calls him "the little guy," which is what everyone calls their little guy, and what people often use to refer to inanimate objects. We never picked a name. Part of me is glad...that Blue's name has nothing to do with his dad.

E: me. More info forthcoming, maybe.

Mr. E: My husband. Formerly known as AFF. 

NAWP: not a whole person. Blue's dad. The ex. Also known as SS.

SS: shit stain. Cross-reference NAWP.

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