Sunday, September 27, 2015

Somebody Turned 1 Today

It was me:

LJ is one! We had donuts and all the kids played in the yard. No one cried. It was awesome. There were two 9-year-olds who were very good sports about playing with all the younger kids and everyone got along. We did not have any activities or anything planned. We didn't even put a candle on LJ's donut and barely remembered to sing Happy Birthday. Poor, second child! I wanted to put up more photos but something is weird and I can't preview them first, so this is all I have the patience for.

LJ was an angel all day today as always. Sprout fell asleep in the car on the 6-minute drive we took to go take a hike (literally), so we will be up until 11:30 tonight. Good thing, I guess--did you hear there is a super blood moon tonight?

A quick update on everything:
1. I am still networking and such, as I have not even gotten any interviews lately. I realized that graduating law school into worst legal economy ever will haunt me for the duration of my career. There are over 100 applicants, according to the job boards, for many of the positions I consider. FML.

2. I peed on a stick on Day 28 in the middle of the night. My logic went something like this: "I've missed my period, as I was expecting to start on Day 25 or 26. I should test if I get up to pee in the middle of the night. Why am I getting up to pee in the middle of the night? I'm probably pregnant." Peed on stick at 3:08 a.m. Started period at 7:37 a.m. NOT pregnant, and wasted a test. I'm bummed, but not that bummed.

3. Sprout has been sporting a buzz cut for the past few weeks. He got lice. Then I got lice. Then Mr. E got lice. Gag. Sprout had long hair and I'm sad that we cut it all off, but then on Friday a kid had to get picked up from daycare again because he had lice again, so I guess I'm glad that Sprout will not be likely to get it again because if he does we will be able to catch it right away. Speaking of catching it right away...if your kid gets lice and you realize he may have had it for a while and that he was sleeping in your bed before you KNEW he had lice, you should probably not wait to start combing your hair. It wasn't THAT bad, but just don't.

4. Sprout used Blue's quilt the other night when we went to bed. It was really sweet, I told him it was his big brother's quilt and that I would tell him about him someday. He liked that the quilt was so colorful. I missed my oldest boy.

Gotta go. Time to check the moon.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Nothing New, Nothing Interesting

Anyway. LJ is now definitely bipedal. Actually that is new and interesting. He took his first steps a few days before turning 11 months, so I guess I am one of those parents who can brag that my child started walking at 10 months. His forehead is pretty beat up from a few falls, mostly while I was standing right behind him--it happens so fast. But he's a good sport. Always a good sport. He's so easy-going and lovable. The only time he's not lovable is when he takes a part of your face in his fat hand and scratches and squeezes as hard as he can. It really hurts! I even find him lovable in the middle of the night now when he wakes up, because he doesn't do it every night anymore and if Mr. E and I take turns it ends up only being once or twice per week. He's so sweet and cuddly then. Sprout has been sleeping until at least 7 recently, and I know for a fact this morning that he went downstairs without telling us and was doing whatever he was doing, because I woke up to his footsteps coming UP the stairs. Everything and everyone was fine. So the sleeping part is getting better for all of us.

Sprout is not quite out of nap phase, but if he naps--at all--he is up spinning and jumping until 11 pm or later. It's not OK. We took him for a walk around 6:15 tonight and he fell asleep in the stroller, which he typically refuses to sit in. I should have known! He was out cold when we got home, and when I tried to pick him up he burrowed back into the stroller. Mr. E took him to his bed, somehow getting his shorts off that were dotted with play-dough and snack remnants and sliding on a pull up without really waking him up. I'm happy to report that we are mostly done with pull ups, but tonight called for drastic measures. Let's hope going to bed at 6:30 won't mean he's up at 5 tomorrow. LJ also went to bed a bit after 7. I can't even believe it. What to do? What to do?

So that's it. My babies are growing up. LJ turns one in 2 weeks! Thanks to the great ideas on the interwebs, we are hosting a donuts and pajamas party. I figure it can't cost that much, even though I did say mimosas will be served. If I remember correctly, at Sprout's first birthday party we ran out of alcohol (a special gin lemonade) before I even had any myself. I will make sure not to make that mistake again. Next post I will upload some pics! Have a great week!