Friday, June 8, 2012

Stop Posting Ultrasound Pictures on Facebook! (Reprise)

So I went on this rant a few months ago about ultrasound pictures on Facebook. I think it's kind of creepy and way too personal. I mean, that's the inside of your uterus! For all the FB world to see.

After a late pregnancy loss, every one of those wavy-lined pictures that pops up in your News Feed is like a punch in the gut. It seemed to me that the dads were more likely to post them than the moms, like maybe they didn't get it that the pics are of intimate body parts. But that made it much harder to avoid: it's more difficult to defriend every man who could possibly have a child than every woman you know who could possibly have a child. (You know, the age thing.)

Well anyway, what does Mr. E go and do? Posts an ultrasound picture of MY uterus and MY son's penis on Facebook! So far it's received 27 comments and 47 likes. Maybe I am in the minority then?

I'm having a(nother) boy. I'm so happy about that. It's supposed to be wrong or whatever to want one over the other. But I really wanted a son as part of my family, and I'm so relieved to not have to keep waiting. After Blue died, I just felt I was meant to be the mother of a son. And I think I'd be devastated if I had three girls, and I didn't have Blue. This new little guy will never replace Blue, and I wouldn't want him to, but it seems I can now move on in a way.

At least I can when he's born and he's healthy and I can stop holding my breath.

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  1. I don't mind seeing ultrasound pictures on facebook. I mean they are happy and they're just sharing their happiness.. nothing's wrong with that,atleast for me.

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