Friday, March 16, 2012

Step Off, Beyonce!

You may recall that in a bout of inhumanity a few months ago, I wished upon Beyonce a stillborn baby. Not really. But I wanted someone public to suffer what we've suffered, to bring attention to miscarriage and stillbirth and medical terminations. So that didn't happen to Beyonce (thank god), but I've still got a bone to pick with her.

Yeah, I'm a little late to have heard the news. That she named her baby girl Blue. I named my baby in August. I just want EVERYONE to know that.

Because you know what else? She named that baby Blue Ivy. And I have had the name Ivy for a girl on my Top Names list for at least a year. And it is was a unique name, but also cute and pretty and not too immature. Now I can't probably shouldn't name my future daughter Ivy Blue. Dammit!

And just how long will it take for Ivy to explode to the top of the names for girls charts? I don't have a lot of time to get to work on having my own little Ivy.

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