Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Decreased Fetal Movement

So, SOMEBODY had a little freak out and called the doctor this morning to come in a day early for a regular check up. I mean, that's what I am telling myself. I just came in a day early. No big whoop. I wasn't like, up half the night, waiting and waiting and waiting to get kicked or kneaded in the belly. I wasn't miserable and brittle and a moment away from tears when I called the doctor's office this morning. They could take me in 40 minutes.

I got myself worked up when he didn't move while I was lying down and on the phone after work about 7:00, a normally active time. Mr. E and I went out for a walk and of course I didn't feel anything then, but when we got home I started making dinner and maybe, did I feel a kick? I sat down, drank some cold water, and got one weak response. I tied an elastic band tightly around my belly. Nothing. A few weak prods before bed. Lying down in bed...left side...right side...on my back...nothing.

On the 6-minute drive to the OB I think Sprout punched me 11 or 12 times. So I was already feeling relief when I sat down for a quick ultrasound. I could then be disappointed that at this stage you don't get to see that much on the ultrasound anymore! He moved in little motions, mainly with his hands, things I couldn't feel. It was reassuring to know that I don't feel his every move. His little body rose and fell slightly, practice breathing. I forgot to ask how much he weighs.

Then 15 minutes on the fetal monitor. The tech put the kick counter thingy in my hand and I sat there feeling nothing for what seemed like a long time. A few times there were sounds of his movement but I didn't feel it. Even so after 15 minutes I counted at least 25 kicks and wiggles. So. That is why I am a spazz.

But of course they are all so nice and say they'd rather see me 100 times than not see me the one time when they need to. And I would like to point out that he is back to very active tonight, just confirming that last night maybe I WAS experiencing the dreaded and not necessarily discernible "Decreased. [ecreased, ecreased]. Fetal. [etal, etal]. Movement. [ovement, ovement, ovement]."

I wondered out loud to one of the nurses: How much of this focus on kick counts is solely anxiety-provoking, and how much is useful in getting an expectant mom to intervene at the right time? I am going to guess a 90-10 ratio at best. Not that I'm going to stop counting kicks and spazzing out.

But I sort of wonder that maybe if I never heard the term "decreased fetal movement," I just might sleep through the night. As long as my husband stays the fuck away from me. (Just kidding. He's great, we're doing great. It's just that he's 6-2 and I'm pregnant and a double bed is VERY SMALL.)

Here's a 34-week pic for your consumption.

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