Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bump Reveal!

I thought it might be time for a happy post. Because I just wrote a brittle, angry post but saved it in drafts because it just feels wrong right now. Even if it's true and it's how I feel sometimes. Um, focus...

Mr. E and I went to the Jersey Shore for two nights last weekend. We didn't have the best beach days, and the waves were really crappy, a violent thunderstorm kept us homebound and up half the night on Saturday, but it wasn't hot so that's pretty much all I cared about. Obviously not. I just wanted to have a few beach days before the baby. This was our last chance! We went away twice to the beach this summer and twice it freakin' rained! OK, anyway...happy post quickly degenerating into whiny post. I think my blog is usually mostly not about happiness. Forgive me while I type out loud...I'm trying.

Ah, let's just skip to the photo evidence.

Here I am!
This was taken August 25, which was 2 months exactly from my due date.

And here at home a few days later. And in my PJs. I didn't leave the house like this or anything. I just posted it to all the world (because my blog is sooooo popular) on the Internet.

What I'm really showing you is that I just got a hair cut and my hair looks awesome when it's straight. Because it's not. Not ever. And it's so curly right now that it winds around itself and I look like Shirley Temple.

I'm going to eat some ice cream now. Hope you liked the pics. And the happiness. :)


  1. I just did some catching up on your blog, first off you look ADORABLE and I am so glad Mr E is so wonderful.
    I am sorry that Blue's birthday was so sad. Not that it wouldn't be. Re-living all those emotions is something I am greatly fearing (one year ago I was about to conceive Blue Sunday). I think it's wonderful that you're able to look back and see what was wrong with your relationship. You made it through the darkest days, that is a huge and wonderful accomplishment. I've been thinking about you and Blue lately, and will keep you both in my heart as I start on my months of remembrance of my pregnancy last year.

  2. Yay happy bump pics. Looking good lady!

    Love the haircut - got one this week too. And it's amazing how awesome I look when my hairdresser did it. By now I have the frizz back, just in another shape. Totally digging the comfy pants btw. xo