Monday, August 31, 2015

#MicroBlog Monday--Test Results

I can't blog right now because I am finally really seriously looking for a new job. It sucks. I know why I didn't focus on this process sooner. Also as soon as LJ started sleeping well at night (though he still wakes up once or twice a week), Sprout started staying up until 11, midnight or even later because he does not need to nap anymore except that he sort of does and he always naps at day care (three days per week). I just want to sleep for one whole night!  For the love!

Also I am not pregnant. Which is fine. Except I was kind of mad at the pregnant women I saw at the park today with her toddler and older daughter. So maybe it's not.

As promised: My AMH and thyroid results were normal. Progesterone was .3 in the supposed mid luteal phase. So that's not good.

But I apparently have a 25-day/26-day cycle and this month I did not spot before getting my actual period, which apparently is a sign of Low P (lol), so perhaps my hormones are still figuring out what they are normally supposed to do. I stopped nursing four months ago so I don't know why my body still thinks it should not get pregnant but as I said before I guess I will go with that until I get a new job. But, for the love, a need a new job, stat! Instead of wishing for a pregnancy with a girl at 11:11, I will wish for a new job, stat, tonight.   

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