Sunday, December 18, 2011

Public Pregnancy, Private Miscarriage?

The Daily Beast ran this article on Friday about the Duggar family's public miscarriage. Here is the comment I posted:

"The Duggars had a public pregnancy, yet they should have a private miscarriage? It's a shame that this very important message--that miscarriage and stillbirth and medical terminations happen sometimes and it's not a dirty secret--is lost among the criticism of the Duggars' family size. Memorializing your dead baby may be "creepy"--until it happens to you. It's normal. And beautiful. My heart goes out to the Duggars." 

Do I agree with their choice to have 20 children? Who cares? 

I've been secretly hoping that Beyonce would miscarry or have a stillborn. Eccchh...really. I wouldn't wish it on my WORST enemy, actually. But I feel like the public could use a wake-up call about pregnancy loss, especially after the first trimester, and neonatal death. I am truly saddened to hear the ignorant comments from readers and even professionals about the "publicity stunt" pulled by the Duggars. From the article:

 “It just seems too public and almost seems like, ‘OK, we’re stars, everybody wants to know abut us,’” said Susan Newman, a social psychologist who has taken the Duggars to task for continuing to procreate in two columns for Psychology Today. “From what I know of parents who have lost children, it’s horrific. It’s not something you want pictures of..."

Who are you, Susan Newman? Here is her blog and here is her email address:

She will be hearing from me. Let her know what you think, too. Respect and integrity are always in order. But do you think it would be okay if I send her the pictures of Blue?

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