Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Then, Then and Now (New and Improved)**

We got fabulous news last week: MaterniT21 results came back negative! The little bean--who remains un-nicknamed--is A-OK when it comes to chromosomes. We have decided not to find out the sex of the baby this time, but in that moment on the phone with the genetic counselor, when I could know, I was suddenly DYING to know! After a few minutes, a few hours, a whole day, a whole week, I do not need to know again. It will be fun this way. And we can always change our minds with a simple phone call.

It amazes me how different this pregnancy is from the other two, while at the same time being similar in many ways as well. I've prepared this comparison chart for your reference:

  1. Blue 2. Sprout 3. Baby 3
Pre-pregnancy weight 141 136 136?
Maternal weight at 1st/2nd appt. 141/140 138/138 138/137
Maternal weight at birth 150 (25 w, 3 d) 160? 162? (38, 4) hoping to keep it under 165 again
Nausea, on a scale of 1-10 8 3 7
Puking, # of episodes 3 10? 4
Latest puking episode 9 or 10 weeks? 22 weeks 10 weeks
Fatigue, 1-10 6 5 8
Food aversions? don't think so yogurt not really
Food cravings? sour & salty sour & salty sour & salty
What? lemonade, rye bread, pudding lemonade, bagels, grapefruit juice, potato chips lemonade, labne,french fries/chips, gummi bears^
Boy or girl? boy boy ?? #
Zits? no no yes
Wide ass? no yes no
Moodiness? no no yes
Headaches? yes no no
Started showing/ getting funny looks at my belly      
22 weeks 17 weeks not yet
Capable of wearing normal clothes at 25 weeks?      
yes shirts, but not pants we shall see
Anxiety that something would go wrong in pregnancy, 1-10      
  3 10 5
Anxiety over life changes generally, 1-10 10 1 4

Suggestions? What would you like to see in the (now beautifully formatted) chart?

** This blog post actually IS both new and improved. Contrary to what Chris Rock believes, it is possible in certain contexts. 
*10 is not HG, but the most severe of "normal" nausea
^ I have repeatedly craved gummi bears and I bought some but have yet to actually eat them
# twice as I have been filling out this chart I wrote "boy" for Baby 3, but I don't really have a "feeling" either way


  1. Somehow I missed your pregnancy announcement! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks! I sneaked it in on the "coming clean" post. How's the new love of your life?